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As we near the end of February, stray warm weather leads to thoughts of springtime. Around here spring means the end of oysters, the beginning of blue crabs, and tourists. We’re here to answer a few of the most common questions for those who aren’t thinking that far ahead yet or may just be too shy to ask.

Q: When will you have blue crabs?
A: They’re coming soon – we promise. Unfortunately, the water doesn’t warm up as quickly as the weather and the precious blues are still hibernating. The good news is that your wait is down to weeks rather than months. Want to be the first to know when we’ve got crabs? Email us at Info@IGotYourCrabs to sign up for weekly emails or like us on Facebook.

Q: How long will you have oysters?
A: Like blue crabs, oysters will depend largely on when the weather warms up for good.  Part of serving local, seasonal seafood is swapping one delicacy out for another. For us, that means that we’ll stop carrying oysters when the crabs are in full swing.

Q: Will you have time for locals in the summertime? We’re afraid you’ll be too busy for us.
A: Of course! We have to admit that we were intimidated by our first winter. It was the locals who got us through the slow season and we’ll always have time for you! Stay tuned to our Facebook for inside advice about the best times to avoid crowds. Because we live here, though, we understand the temptation of being a hermit during peak season. In that case, remember that you always have the option of calling ahead for takeout. You can always find the newest edition of our menu by visiting our website.

Our Winter Menu

Our Winter Menu

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs page or submit your own question online. We love answering your questions and chances are that you aren’t the first person to ask.

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