Happy Hibernation, Crabs!

I want to start by thanking each of you for making the restaurant’s first crab season a success. We hit a few bumps along the way but you guys rolled with it and kept coming back for more. We can’t thank you enough for your patronage. So many of you have recommended us to friends or family and that’s made all the difference.

Now that crab season is over, we’re thrilled to be your favorite oyster bar too! It’s a delight when then bar fills up and all of our employees line up to shuck for a packed house. As much as you love the oysters, we know you’ll miss the crabs this winter. A few of you have asked if we’ll be getting more crabs or shipping them in from somewhere else. We will not.

Locally, it’s too cold for blue crabs during this time of the year. They bury down in the mud and hibernate. Rather than dredging or shipping them in from warmer climates, our menu will fluctuate with the seasons. We’re committed to serving the freshest, local seafood and that means that Wanchese oysters will replace the blue crabs each winter.

When springtime comes and the local blue crabs are active again, we’ll have them ready for you. Until then, enjoy the oysters and keep spreading the word!

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