Just like April: A Formal Dedication

Since I Got Your Crabs is a family owned and operated business, it probably doesn’t surprise you that we’re a close family. What may surprise you, however, is that this restaurant was inspired by the family member who made us all so close – April.

Circa 1990

April, the oldest of four children, was a beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic young woman. You could always count on her to tell it like it was and leave you with a smile.  Despite being born with cancer, she accomplished many goals that most others only dream of. She graduated as the valedictorian of Currituck County High School in 1996, studied abroad in Europe before graduating from Wake Forest University, and completed a law degree at Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law.

Unfortunately, April passed away at the age of 25 due to complications from childhood cancer. Since her death nine years ago, we’ve all felt it necessary to celebrate her life and honor her memory. Hunter’s way of doing that was dedicating this restaurant to his sister.

You’ll find several treasured items in the dining area including the large quilt displayed over the booths. April sewed the quilt at only twelve years of age and won many awards for her talent. The “CRABGIRL” license plate was also April’s during high school. Her parents convinced her to change it when she went away to college knowing that those not familiar with blue crabs might misconstrue the nickname.

We all miss April dearly and can’t express how much she changed our lives in the short time we spent with her. When we think of April, there are always smiles instead of tears because we’re thankful for her beautiful life. She’s our daily reminder to cherish each day and live it to the fullest – just like April.

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2 Responses to Just like April: A Formal Dedication

  1. I never knew Hunter had a sister. Having only one sister and 5 brothers and I lost a brother this is so dear to me! Olivia you have a good man! Y’all are like family to me, Hunter is a tough crabber, duck man and fisherman with a heart of gold! Your lucky and I’m so proud to have been so close to you and the Stuart family , Ya know Beach Billy jokes and cuts up a lot , but I have to say ….. So proud of y’all! Love Billy ” beach billy” Walkowiak!

    • Bill Catlett says:

      I was fortunate to know and be close to the entire family. April was indeed a very special young lady. All the Stuart ladies are very special. I watched them all grow up. Hunter and April grew up very close and one encourged the othe r be the best. Hunter and his sisters have alway been very close and I have admired the relationship. They all have shared an amazing work ethic. Then came Olivia, she is such a delight. Hardworking and very smart. She and Hunter are really hard workers.
      I am sure that April is looking down and smiling bigger than ever.

      Wishing you nothing but thr best.

      Bill Catlett

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