Mr. and Mrs. Michigan

Last week a friendly couple from Michigan stopped in to eat with us – we’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. Michigan. Vacationing with four teenagers, they had decided to take a night for themselves. We’re so flattered that they chose to spend that time with us. It was truly our pleasure to chat with them and share the local delicacies. The couple enjoyed several menu items including blue crabs and steamed oysters. At the end of their meal, I was even charmed into cleaning up an oyster shell for them to take home as a souvenir.

As I met them at the register, Mrs. Michigan was playfully shushing her husband as a spouse might do to avoid embarrassment. Intrigued, I asked for them to share with me. To my delight, Mr. Michigan ignored the shushing and let me in on their secret conversation.

It turns out that the two had gone back and forth about eating at I Got Your Crabs. A local had recommended us to them but Mrs. Michigan was skeptical. Understandably, she wasn’t sure about dining at a restaurant in a strip mall with such a silly name. She had only agreed because Mr. Michigan kept insisting that little “hole-in-the-wall” places were usually the best kept secrets. When he finished telling the story, Mrs. Michigan quickly admitted that she had been wrong to protest because she’d thoroughly enjoyed her dinner and our company.

To Mrs. Michigan’s relief, I assured her that we weren’t offended because we’re used to skeptics. She’s definitely not the first person to admit that our location almost kept her from dining with us. We’d have to agree with Mr. Michigan, though; we’re proud to be a local “hole-in-the-wall” that’s constantly surprising skeptics. If a similar sentiment has been stopping you or a friend from dining with us, stop by. We’d love to prove you wrong!

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