She Crab Soup

Since it’s officially fall and the air is cooling off, we thought we’d take a minute to talk soup with you. Soup is the perfect meal or appetizer when you’re looking to warm up a bit and shake that autumn chill. We’re open year-round so we included several soups on our original menu hoping to change them quite regularly. We didn’t plan on our She Crab Soup having a following of its own.

So many of you stop by just for the soup or get an extra to go because it’s so delicious. Our employees often eat it for lunch and one employee in particular, our cook, gets quite a bit of praise for it. He makes the dish from scratch each morning without a recipe or notes of any kind. Impressed yet? You’re not alone. We love it so much that we’ve yet to change the “soup of the day”.

We’re happy to say that change is coming! With oyster season quickly approaching, you can look forward to our fresh, oyster stew. Don’t worry though, the She Crab Soup is here to stay. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop in to see what all the hype is about!

Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered how She Crab Soup got its name? We did too! We did some research and it turns out that traditional recipes included the orange roe (or eggs) found on some female crabs. The phrase, however, has come to describe any cream-based soup that contains blue crab meat.

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  1. melissakuzma says:

    Love theblog named CrabBlab! I’m putting together a kids educational program for a local Maritime Museum and wondered if you would allow me to reuse that for the section on crabs? I wouldn’t use it without asking. Honestly, it’s too funny, cute and catchy. I can’t come up with anything better than that. If I get the job, I’ll credit IGotYourCrabs – let me know what you think. Plus – next time I’m headed to Hatteras, I’ll stop and get seafood.

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