Currituck Sound Crabs

We’re often asked where we get our blue crabs from and what we mean by “local”. If you know the family or have been following us online, then you already know that the owner if I Got Your Crabs Steam Bar catches the crabs himself. This means that there’s no middle man between you and our commercial fishing boat. That’s how we’re able to offer the freshest seafood at such reasonable prices.

By “fresh”, we mean straight out of the Currituck Sound. In case you’re unfamiliar with local waters, the Currituck Sound is the large body of brackish water that separates the mainland from the northern Outer Banks. You drive over it when crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge to get to the beach.

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Each time you cross the bridge, look out over the water and think of all the yummy, blue crabs swimming just below the surface. Then drive 4.5 miles further, look for us on your left in a strip mall next to Papa John’s, and stop in to dine on the local delicacy. We’re waiting for you!

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